End of 2010

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by. I know that everyone talks about forgetting about the past and moving on to the New Year, but for me 2010 was quite a year. Unfortunately, I have done a terrible job of documenting it on this blog. I know this this and I am sorry. Keeping a blog can be hard when you have so much going on. 🙂 I will do better in the future.

For this entry, I just want to share a little bit of what I have done over the last year. I’ll try to keep it concise, because I know no one wants to read a book as a blog post, but I do promise to go into more details in the future. But here’s the big things that happened this year.

2010 started with my very first grant application process, a Professional Growth Grant through the SURNDA Foundation. I found out later that SURDNA has one of the most intense application processes out there. I spent most of January splitting my time between working on that grant application and arranging parts for the school musical, SMILE, which was happening in March and was my first show as a music director.

At the beginning of March, I went to Athens, GA for the North American Saxophone Alliance Biannual National Conference. It was my first national conference in about a decade and it was really awesome spending 4 days with fellow saxophonists. I met some really awesome people on that trip, and reconnected with a few old friends, and got some much needed inspiration.

I found out I got the Surdna grant in late March. Even though things were so insane with the musical SMILE I knew that getting this grant was an amazing thing. In my “spare” time I began sending e-mails to the people I wanted to work with, securing flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms and trying to get everything in order for my 5 week plan!

As soon as SMILE ended, I tackled 2 arrangements for our final fundraiser at Arizona School for the Arts – In The Mood and Sing, Sing, Sing for saxophone quintet and drums. My students did a fantastic performance accompanying the ballet department.

June was spent recovering from a crazy school year and looking forward to my trip.

From July 3 – Aug 5th I was traveling and living a jazz musician’s dream. 🙂 In as few words as possible – I went to KY and attended the Aebersold Summer Workshop, took private lessons with Miles Osland, and reconnected with my college professor, Chuck Marohnic. Then I went up to Washington DC where I got to stay with my dear friend Anna, connected with new and old friends, finally met Leigh Pilzer in person, met tons of DC musicians, took a lesson with Chris Vadala, and heard some great music. Then I went to Chicago and got to learn about the free jazz scene with the great and wonderful Frank Rosaly. Overall the whole trip was incredible and I hope to devote some time to sharing those experiences with you.

Two days after returning from my trip I was back in school, another exciting year at ASA beginning.

In October, the Surdna Foundations held a Convening in NYC for all the fellowship recipients and I was able to meet other teachings artists from all over the country and hear about their own experiences. It was an amazing 3 days and I loved NYC. I walked around the city on our one evening off and went down to Small’s Jazz Club to hear some great music.

Inspired from everything that I had done and all the professional growth, in November I got the Doublers Collective started and we had our first rehearsal. I’m so excited about this project.

In December I found out that I was approved for Fiscal Sponsorship through Fractured Atlas. I have learned so much from applying for the Surdna grant, and funding raising and marketing, and I’m eagerly studying more and more.

And now, the first thing in 2011 is I’m going to the Jazz Education Network Conference in New Orleans on January 5th. I’m so excited to reconnect with many of the musicians that I met over the summer and hopefully meet new people.

I’m really excited to see what’s in store for 2011. But I have to give props to 2010, because this year literally changed my life. It’s been really incredible and I feel very fortunate.

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  1. Wow,
    You had a very productive year! I want to know more about the “doublers collective”. Happy New Year and let’s see you top ’10 🙂

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