JEN and Sweet Tea

A few hours ago I returned to Phoenix from the Jazz Education Network (known as JEN) 2nd Annual Conference in New Orleans. I spent 4 days attending clinics starting at 8 AM, watching live music until 1 AM and constantly being surrounded by some of the greatest jazz musicians and educators. I found myself continuously start struck.


I attended everything I could; trying to take in as much as possible. There was so much to see and do (especially as someone who was attending for the first time) and I loved it! I took copious notes on my iPad and I will be blogging what I learned in the coming weeks.


I also got to meet a whole bunch of new people which is always exciting for me. I love talking to people and hearing their story. For me it was a chance to interact with people in person that I usually only see online or people who I have looked up to in my career and it was just amazing being in the same room with them! I may even have a few leads on composers to write for Doublers Collective.


Overall it was an exciting 4 days. I’m glad to be home so I can practice again and I can’t wait to show everything I learned to my students. I also have a lot of work ahead for myself – but I’m excited about that. I’m really glad that I made the effort to go.


In celebration I’m enjoying some sweet tea vodka on the rocks, which just seems an appropriate tribute to New Orleans to me.

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