C Major Bebop Scale – Twisted

One of my favorite time killers when I worked in the music library in college (aside from intensely studying and rubber band wars) was to play games online. This was before the age of smart phones and Angry Birds. Text Twist was one of my favorites. I love word games and I’m especially adept at finding patterns in things. If you haven’t ever played, it’s where you make as many words as possible using at least 3 letters and hopefully finding the couple of words that use them all.




About a year or so ago, I decided to apply this concept to the Major Bebop Scale.


So, above is the Major Bebop Scale. How many triads, 7th chords, 9th chords, and scales can you derive from this scale?


The answer is here:


The first PDF has just the notes, unlabeled. Great for testing your theory knowledge or just playing through.


C Major Bebop Text Twist – Blank


The second PDF has everything labeled so you know exactly what you’re playing.


C Major Bebop Text Twist – Labeled


It’s pretty amazing what a little Bebop Scale can do, ya know?

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