First Interview

Last week I did an interview for a podcast called Train Wreck in Progress. TWiP for short.



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It was the first time I’d ever done an interview like that. Honestly, I was a little nervous at first – wondering “what if” and panicking about forgetting someone’s name or some important piece of information. I knew from listening to previous podcasts that it would be about 30 minutes long and I figured that since I could talk to myself for hours on end, that I would be fine. 😀 At least I hoped.


I arrived at a local coffee shop, Steve’s Expresso in Tempe, and Elizabeth was all set up with her laptop and mic setup. It was really cool to see the whole behind the scenes. Elizabeth and I instantly connected sharing stories of classroom teaching, being musicians, and mutual love for music and all things creative. Once Silent Dan arrived (who got stuck in first week of ASU traffic) we got started.


The whole process went incredible smooth and I simply felt like I was having a conversation in a coffee shop instead of being interviewed for a podcast that could be heard around the world. I really had a great time. Elizabeth asked great questions and kept the interview on track. It was fun! We all ended up hanging out long after the interview was over and I left feeling like I had found a few more kindred spirits within the Phoenix music scene.


It’s really exciting! I’ll make sure to let you all know when the interview gets posted.

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