Journaling vs Blogging

I love to read. I’ve always got at least 2 books going at the same time and I follow a number of blogs and magazines. Probably too many in fact. But I just find it all so interesting!


On a recent trip to Nashville, I brought this book along to read. (I have an iPad which I love, but one of the biggest downsides is that you have to turn it off during take off and landing, the times when I personally need the distraction the most.)





I finished the whole book in less then a couple of hours. And I truly enjoyed it. I’d laugh out loud and interrupt the book my boyfriend was reading to show him whatever I thought was worthy of his attention.



I was more than entertained. I learned some new ways to be creative, some business advice, and I something really valuable that I took me about a week to figure out. The book is based off a blog. And blogs are very different animals from journals and articles.



I have had an online journal for over a decade. When I started my blog in the summer of 2010, I had high hopes that it was be a public version of that journal. But it’s not. In fact, I have trouble updating it regularly, and I have dozens of half written posts waiting to be finished. I work painstakingly on every entry, writing and rewriting. And while that is ok every once in a while, I think overall,I was going at it from the wrong angle.



Blogs need to be shorter and more frequent. I just finally figured that out. I have a lot to say. I keep a paper journal of all the topics I want to blog about. It’s not for a lack of ideas that this blog lays dormant. So, I’m going to try a new approach and hopefully you’ll see more blog posts that you can simply enjoy with your morning cup of coffee. 🙂

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