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From Monica Shriver, aka saxymoni, the founder and director of Doublers Collective




Doublers Collective is trying to raise some money. Wanna know why?

This whole fundraising idea may seem a little out of the ordinary to a lot of people. Truthfully it’s all new to me too. I thought I would take a moment and share with you how I ended up reaching the point where I would ask my friends, family, (and perfect strangers!) for money…

I first stumbled upon the concept of “crowd funding” by accident about a year ago. I had just joined twitter and was following a few musicians. One of them was Jason Parker, @1workinmusician. He had tweeted about his Kickstarter campaign. I was curious and so I listened to his playing, read about the musicians he was working with, read his blog and decided to donate. He met his goal and successfully produced a really great CD. I felt like this was such a fantastic way to do things – a bunch of people giving just a little money, coming together to make a huge difference. Plus donations are tax-deductible, which benefits everyone involved!

Shortly thereafter, I attended a social media panel discussion while at the Jazz Education Network Conference in New Orleans. Again, this idea of crowd funding was covered. Things were evolving before my very eyes. I started seeing Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns popping up all over Twitter and Facebook. Of course, at this point, Doublers Collective was a concept. I had a vision and an idea, but I didn’t know how it was going to evolve. I had Fractured Atlas as a resource and I started learning as much a I could about fundraising, business, and social media. When IndieGoGo partnered with Fractured Atlas and waived their fees for sponsored projects, I knew I had to give it a try.

Now I’ve been trying to apply what I have learned to raise money for Doublers Collective. I know that $15,000 sounds like a lot of money, but if you look at the breakdown, I have specific goals for the money. Most of the money is designated for commissions. This is putting money back into the music community and giving some amazing composers a chance to write for something unique and completely different. When Doublers Collective has a decent sized book, we can put on more concerts and clinics, thus providing exposure for those amazing writers and a really interesting concert experience for the audience!

Here’s the breakdown of how we will use the $15000 we raise:

  • $10,000 to cover the cost to commission 8-10 pieces of new music.
  • $2500 to cover costs related to the recording and release our CD of commissioned works including licensing fees, studio time, CD distribution, etc.
  • $750 to cover expenses related to the premiere of 2- 3 commissioned works for Doublers Collective at the North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference at Arizona State University in March 2012.
  • $750 to cover renting a performance space and paying Doublers Collective musicians to give a premiere concert of the commissioned pieces in Phoenix, AZ.
  • $1000 to use as prize money for a student writing competition. Two of the top original compositions will each receive $500.

So, you’re probably wondering what happens if we don’t raise the full $15,000. Well, we do still get to keep the money we do raise. (We opted for the “flexible funding” from IndeiGoGo.) Whatever we do raise will go towards commissions. That’s our first priority.

Now, I’m not just expecting people to hand me money without justification of my hard work. So here’s what we’ve done to help move things along as well:

  • Mike Crotty has donated music that he previously wrote for the sax section of the Airmen of Note, and the arrangements for woodwind ensemble. He has also done 2 additional arrangements specifically for Doublers Collective and donated them. This is truly amazing and we are so grateful for Mike, because without him, we wouldn’t have anything to play.
  • Mike Crotty and I have connected with incredible writers from all over the world and secured their interest in the project. These guys are simply waiting for the green light – as soon as we tell them we have secured funding, they will write us a piece.
  • I am working on two arrangements of my own for Doublers Collective, with the guidance of Mike Crotty.
  • The members of Doublers Collective have rehearsed for FREE for the last year.
  • We have performed two concerts in the last 6 months, one which you can view on our Media page. We have an awesome show booked at Sacred Grounds for Feb. 23rd
  • I have applied for grants to commission music for Doublers Collective and will continue to do so.
  • I wrote a proposal for Doublers Collective to premiere works at the North American Saxophone Alliance National Conference in March 2012.

We really need YOUR help. If you’re interested in helping Doublers Collective raise money you can donate online at now thru 12/31/11.

If you would rather send me a check, please follow these guidelines:
1. Make the check payable to “Fractured Atlas” (This is very important. If it is made out to anything else, it won’t be processed.)
2. In the Memo line write “Monica Shriver – DC” that way I know the money is intended to be used for Doublers Collective.
3. Send it to Monica Shriver, 902 W. Topeka Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85027

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