FLF #1 – Five Link Friday


Welcome to Five Link Friday – or FLF as I’ll call it. This is where I post my top 5 links from the week. Enjoy!

1) http://www.jazzednet.org/

This week I am attending the Jazz Education Network conference in Louisville, KY. It’s been a blast so far and we still have one more day. You can follow what I’m doing on Facebook and Twitter, or check out the hashtag #JEN12

2) http://rachelannpoling.com/2011/11/21/7-ways-to-help-your-blog-go-viral/

I just found this via LinkedIn and I found it very helpful.

3) Greg Fishman talking about his ways to practice his newest book which just came out this week. Definitely check it out.

4) http://www.ti-me.org/

The JEN conference joined forces with the Technology In Music Education conference and so I have been able to attend a bunch of clinics on technology. Super cool. You can following their happenings on hashtag #timejen12

5) http://mustech.net/

One of the people I met today is the owner of this website and was actually able to give me iPad app recommendations that I was not aware existed. His site is definitely worth checking out, especially on Monday when he claims that all his presentations and links will be posted. 🙂

Happy FLF! See you next week!

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