FLF #5


Welcome to Five Link Friday! This is where I post 5 of my favorite links from the week. I hope you enjoy and please check out the FLF’s from previous weeks. If you have a favorite link please post it in comments!

1) 3 Ways to Reduce Online Noise and Get More Done – a great blog post on how to get some control back when updates, events, subscriptions, etc start to take over your life. I did some cleaning up of my own inbox after reading this and it’s helped.

2) The Mistake that Topples Careers and Industries by David Cutler – a nice little article about keeping an open mind when it comes to your career.

3) Creativity Comes After The Fact – gapingvoid has become one of my favorite things to read in the morning. I even have one of his cartoons as the lock screen picture on my phone. This particular one really made me think… and then get to work.

4) Double-A Goals – some tips from The Musician’s Way on goal setting and attaining!

5) The last one this week isn’t a link, but a picture. I had the privilege of sharing the stage with the famous Don Rickles last weekend. I didn’t get a picture of myself with him unfortunately, but there is some video of his calling me “dragon lady”. It was a very cool show! I did snap a picture of the stage while we were on break:


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