FLF #7


Welcome to Five Link Friday! This is where I post 5 of my favorite links from the week. I hope you enjoy and please check out the FLF’s from previous weeks. If you have a favorite link please post it in comments!

(Sorry I missed last week – it was one of those insane weekends full of gigs, rehearsals, and clinics that never ended. It’s the life of a musician – you enjoy the insane busy times, because quiet is just around the corner.)

1) 11 Top Ways To Create Compelling Music Video Content

2) From the newly formed Facebook group called Woodwind Educators – http://melmartin.com/html_pages/edu.html

3) The Importance Of Keeping The Same Band Members by David Liebman

4) Why Every Jazz Enthusiast Should Join the Jazz Education Network By Pete BarenBregge

5) Why LA Club Owners Are Totally Lost and Some Advice For Them From a Professional Musican by Dave Goldberg. A great article and definitely work thinking about.

La Club Owners

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