FLF #10


Welcome to Five Link Friday! This is my fun Friday post where I hip you to five of my favorite links of the week. Please feel free to share your own favorite links in the comments below!

1. Clean out your horns! We all swab out our horns when we are done playing (or at least we should) but this is a great article reminding us to one step further and get all that mold and crap out of our mouthpieces and necks.


2. How Often Should You Facebook/Twitter/Blog? Rachel Ann Poling posted some fascinating pictures on the timing of everything. It’s pretty interesting.

3. Bulletproof Saxophone Playing E-book. This is a band new book put together by my friend Doron. I got to preview a copy and it’s stellar! Definitely worth checking out.


4. Check out this video from my friend – Kris Berg:

Video about the new CD, “THIS TIME/LAST YEAR” from Kris Berg & Metroplexity Big Band with special guests Wayne Bergeron, Delfeayo Marsalis, Clay Jenkins and Chris Vadala. All music composed /arranged by Kris Berg

5. 9 Reasons Most Websites Fail by David Cutler – a blog post about websites. Not just why they fail, but also useful tips on how to make it better! Great advice for the Savvy Musician.

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