FLF #9


Welcome to Five Link Friday – the fun Friday post where I hip you to five of my favorite links of the week. Please feel free to share your own favorite links in the comments below!

1) Chris Potter transcription of Confirmation – my dear friend Adam just posted this on his website and it’s ridiculous. If you love Chris Potter (I do!) then check this out. Insane! Adam has other transcriptions worth checking out too.

2) Next week I’m attending the North American Saxophone Alliance Conference. Luckily it’s close by this year – at Arizona State University. I really enjoy going to conferences (and I’m both performing and doing a Panel Discussion at this one). Derek Sivers has a great post how to get the most out of SxSW, but it applies to any conference. http://sivers.org/sxsw

3) Ten Do’s and Dont’s of Career Building By: Edna Landau

4) Chamber Music America – My group, Doublers Collective, just joined CMA and the organizatio0n really has a lot to offer. I’m excited about learning more and meeting other chamber music ensembles and musicians.

5) Fan Funding – 9 steps to find patrons completely on your own

There’s been an interesting debate about using fundraising platforms like Kickstarter among musicians lately and Disk Makers sent this out in their newsletter this week. Food for thought.


Have a great weekend!


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