Doublers Collective Stickers!

Little background: I started Doublers Collective with the help of Mike Crotty in 2010. The goal was to play a whole bunch of different instruments in a progressive jazz setting, commission and perform new music, and do performance clinics at schools. It’s such an exciting project. Find out more about Doublers Collective, including some videos visit our website:


Hot off the press – Doublers Collective stickers!

Want one of your very own? Here’s how:

1. If you donated to Doublers Collective’s first IndieGoGo campaign last year – your sticker will be in the mail in the next couple of days or if you’re local, the next time I see you in person.

2. The first 25 people to contact Doublers Collective through the website will get one for free. Go to – clink on the Contact tab and fill out the form. Hurry, because they will be going fast!

3. Donate! Make a minimum donation of $5 and I will send you a sticker as a thank you! Go to for more info.

4. Come to a live show! We will have them to hand out!

Thank you for supporting Doublers Collective!

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