FLF #13


Welcome to Five Link Friday. Every Friday I share 5 of my favorite links found online. Enjoy! Please add your own favorites in the comments below!

1) Sometimes as musicians we forget that if we really want something we need to go after it. It’s not just about playing well. In fact, I would say playing well is a given, and you need to focus on the other stuff. This is a great link full of advice and good reminders.


2) I have to admit that when I first read this I was pretty bummed. I think it’s the world “useless” that gets me the most. But it is an interesting read, especially the links at the bottom. What do you think?


3) This is an interesting interview with the composer Kim Planert, who composes music for ABC’s Missing and Castle.


4) We all need inspiration in our lives, right? This is a great post with a whole twitter list of amazing people to do just that. How can you go wrong?


5) A special 2 for 1- links on why taking lessons over the summer is a good idea. What do you want to learn this summer?



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