FLF #14 – Special YouTube Edition


Welcome to Five Link Friday! Today I decided to do something a little different and post 5 of my favorite YouTube Videos of the week. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share you favorite links of the week in the comments below!

1) WDR Big Band: Basstronaut – Monday night I went to a concert featuring Claudio Roditi. I tweeted that I found my new favorite trumpet player and my friend John Goldsby (Upright bass player in this video) sent me this video. Enjoy!


2) The Sonny Rollins Podcast – Radio and The Movies – I love Sonny, and this is an interesting video on where he gets his some of his ideas.


3) Stan Killian Quartet June 2011, Clip 2 – Stan and I met on Twitter and became Facebook friends awhile back. He recently posted this and I thought I would share it with you.


4) The Scorpion Decides – Who Are Those Guys? #3 – Live at the Lost Leaf – These are friends and fellow musicians here in Phoenix. This was from a show that I got to see live.


5) Black Keys and Dr. John – this is something fun. Man, I’d love to play bari in that horn section. 🙂

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