FLF #16


Welcome to Five Link Friday! Every Friday I share 5 of my favorite links found online. Enjoy and please add your own favorites in the comments below!


1) Mulgrew Miller talks about learning to improvise and discusses whether or not it can be taught.

2) From The Best Saxophone Website Ever… a guest post by John Nastos:

A Saxophonist’s Guide to Rhythm and Time

Obviously it applicably to more then just saxophonists. I’ve downloaded  Metronomics, the iPad app that he developed and am looking forward to playing with it. I’ll include my experiences with it in a blog post soon, I promise.

3) My friend Greg Fishman demonstrates some great additional ways to practice with his new book Hip Licks for Saxophone.


4) When Greg posted the last video it reminded me of this video which a student sent me about a year ago – Kirk Whalum discusses practicing and how there is Always Something To Work On. So true!

5) This last one is just fun. I want this shirt! For the music nerd is all of us! 🙂


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