FLF #17


Hi! Welcome to Five Link Friday! Every Friday I share 5 of my favorite links found online. Enjoy and please add your own favorites in the comments below!

1) How To Ace The Music Audition – Ten Tips To Make You Shine When It Counts | Disc Makers’ Echoes – Insight for Independent Artists. I found this article incredibly well written, thoughtful, and helpful. Auditions can be hard (and as a pro musician you’re pretty much auditioning every time you play), but the more prepared you are, the better, right?

2) Kris Berg – Thoughts from the Chicken Coop – Have you ever played one of Kris Berg’s chicken tunes? When it comes to funky takes on the great tune, The Chicken, Kris is the master. (He writes killer bari too, which makes me happy.) This is a great blog post from Kris. Check out his new CD as well – www.shop.krisbergjazz.com

3) This is an interesting article on attending a classical concert, and not knowing what you are “supposed to do”. I wonder, has some jazz fallen into a similar pattern and that might be why we are playing to smaller audiences? What do you think? Listening to music and attending concerts should be a fun experience, right? The Awfulness of Classical Music Explained

4) I often get asked why I bother spending so much time I spend using social media. Aside from just loving interacting with people, there is a lot of value when you are in a profession where who you know is often as important as what you know. This is a great article on the subject: It’s Who You Know– Why ShouId I Use Social Media?

5) 5 Ways to Use Indiegogo Beyond Crowdfunding – neat little article. Connecting with people isn’t just about money. I like the way IndieGoGo gives you some more ways to interact.

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