I Got Rhythm – 8 Rhythms for Improvisation

Tomorrow I am doing a special clinic at a string camp. (if you didn’t gather from the name of my site, I’m not a string player.) I’m really excited. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play jazz, regardless of instrument. Since I only have an hour, I decided to focus on one of the fundamental differences between jazz and classical – the rhythm. I plan on doing some dancing, clapping, rhythmic improv, and just have some fun.

I always like to leave students with something to take home. It may simply be something to remember the clinic or it can become a tool for further learning and exploration. It’s really up to the student and either one is ok. Here’s what I’ll be passing out to the kids tomorrow:

Here’s the downloadable version if you’d like it.   8 Jazz Rhythms – Strings PDF

I also added a universal version to my Free Stuff page on my website. So go check that out too.

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