Five Link Friday – FLF #22


Welcome to Five Link Friday, where I post 5 of my favorite links from the week. I hope you enjoy them. If you have a favorite of your own you’d like to add or a comment on one below please feel free to do so in the comments below.

1) Lenox’s Music Inn was jazz’s secret hotspot by JEREMY D. GOODWIN. I had no idea this place existed. It’s neat to read about some jazz history.

2) From the blog of a Nashville Agency, Reasons Why Local Artists Don’t Get Signed is a honest look at some of the things musicians need to make it in the business. Even if you plan on doing it on your own (which I believe more and more people are choosing to do these days) the advice is solid.

3) Internet Music Theory Database: A Collection of Scores and Sound Files
A friend posted this on LinkedIn and I thought I would share it with you. It’s classically based, but very useful if you’re a teacher or want to learn more. Enjoy!


Pauly Cohen, Trumpeter, A Film About Following Your Dream

Check out my friend Bret’s Kickstarter Campaign. Very cool!

5) Has digital book readers and ebooks changed us forever? As I write this from my iPad, it’s certainly hard for me to make a case that it hasn’t. I read books on my iPad in the gym, I take it to gigs, I keep a practice journal on it, I even doodle and sketch… I love books, but I have never been a write in the margins type of reader. Post-It notes? Yes. And it’s not too hard to annotate on many iPad reading applications.

What’s interesting to me is how this has change reading music… I love having big huge reference books, lick books, jazz theory books, transcriptions, etc on my iPad. Its so much easier to carry around. Need to copy a page for a student? Just take a screen shot and email it. Pretty easy! Does anyone else do this?

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