Five Link Friday – FLF #25

Welcome to Five Link Friday, where I post 5 of my favorite links from the week. I hope you enjoy them. I’d love to hear what you think! If you have a favorite of your own you’d like to add please feel free to do so in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

1) Jazz, Below the Surface. This is a neat article about Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra (BCJO), a big band out of Washington, DC. It run by Brad Linde and Joe Herrera (who I grew up with in Arizona). The band is fantastic, I got to see them when I was in DC in 2010.

2) 16 essential tips on preparing for college music auditions It’s the beginning of the school year and many seniors are looking toward college music auditions. This is a pretty helpful article with some very good points to keep in mind. Probably not bad for any music audition.

3) 8 Tips for Using Facebook Scheduled Posts I have been waiting for this feature for a long time, but for some reason missed that it was here already. Although I wish Facebook didn’t punish posts made from Hootsuite (which is my go-to) I’ll take what I can get. Social Media can be tough to manage, it’s the little things that help.

4) Silenced: ASO used as musical “prop,” audience hears recorded music at Il Divo concert This has my friend’s list on Facebook up in arms, and frankly, rightly so. As a musician, it’s hard for me to stomach the idea. What do you think?

5) 31 Unexpected Perks of Blogging You’ll Never Want to Give Up I love blogging and slowly yet surely, I’m getting better at it. I think it would be a tough thing for me to give up. What about you – why do you blog?

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