Five Link Friday – FLF #26

Welcome to Five Link Friday, where I post 5 of my favorite links from the week. I hope you enjoy them. I’d love to hear what you think! If you have a favorite of your own you’d like to add please feel free to do so in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

1) Eight Ways To Compose Music More Effectively – I firmly believe that one of the best ways to “improvise” is to compose. They really are the same skill, it’s just whether you do it slowly or instantly. This post has some great ideas, especially when you get stuck. Which we all do.

2) Do the Faces You Make on Stage Distract Your Fans? – This post made me chuckle. We all know those players that contort themselves in such an extreme way that you find yourself watching them instead of listening to them. There’s a fine line between getting into the music and just looking silly. But there are definitely times when you don’t ever realize you’re doing it. That’s why video recording yourself playing is always a good thing.

3) Victor Wooten: Music as a Language – Music is a powerful communication tool–it causes us to laugh, cry, think and question. Bassist and five-time Grammy winner, Victor Wooten, asks us to approach music the same way we learn verbal language–by embracing mistakes and playing as often as possible. (Lesson by Victor Wooten, produced by TED-Ed.)

4) My Ever-Changing Career as a Musician – This is a really interesting post about life as a musician. I always find it really interesting what musicians have to do to make a living, and we all do it a little bit differently. I find it fascinating.

5) How Integrating Social Media And Blogging Can Greatly Enhance Your Online Success! – I’ve always believed that to have a presence on the internet you have to approach it from many different angles. I love blogging and I love social media, but they definitely go hand in hand. Both are great ways to get to know people, build relationships, work through things, and simple share a piece of who you are. I think that’s pretty awesome. I wish more musicians blogged on a regular basis.

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