Daily Practice Tips – Weekly Recap

Welcome to the Weekly Recap of my Daily Practice Tips. These tips are posted daily on my Lessons Facebook page and on Twitter with the hashtags #dailypracticetip and #musiclesson. I hope you find something that is helpful or inspires you to try something new!

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Tips for the week of 1/13/14 – 1/19/14

Monday’s Tip

The most valuable thing about recording yourself playing (practicing or performing) is you get to sit back and hear what the audience hears. Very eye opening.

Tuesday’s Tip

“In writing and arranging you want to explore more ideas than you will use.” – Kris Berg. Same is true for improvisation!

Wednesday’s Tip

Do one thing.

Thursday’s Tip

Play (Practice or Perform), Record, Listen, Analyze. Repeat.

Friday’s Tip

Don’t be afraid to fail. Just try (and keep trying) and be open to help along the way.

Saturday’s Tip

Slowly improvising in a single key center (like B Major, or F# dim) is a great way to work on familiarizing yourself with a difficult key, while making music in the process.

Sunday’s Tip

Isolate trouble spots (lines, keys, progressions, etc) and work on them separately. Start slow and gradually speed up.


Did you find any of these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments below. See you next week!

2 thoughts on “Daily Practice Tips – Weekly Recap

  1. These are all great tips! I remember the first time I heard myself on a recording… Not a positive experience I tell you, but you know what was? Me fixing the problems I heard, that’s what! Don’t be afraid to be critical of yourself, to work hard to change the way you think and act.

    Jeremiah Kaplan

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