Daily Practice Tips – Weekly Recap

Welcome to the Weekly Recap of my Daily Practice Tips. These tips are posted daily on my Lessons Facebook page and on Twitter with the hashtags #dailypracticetip and #musiclesson

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Tips for the week of 1/6/14 – 1/12/14

Monday’s Tip

What did you practice today? If nothing, go practice something, anything…

Tuesday’s Tip

If you play a transposing instrument, learn to read in concert pitch. (notes and chords) It’ll save you on a gig.

Wednesday’s Tip

Experiment with playing something you know really well a different way. Change the feel, meter, key, tempo, range or whatever.

Thursday’s Tip

Studying something is only the first step. Next you have to apply it. That’s where the real work begins.

Friday’s Tip

“Expand” your scales out past the root on either side eventually reaching as far as you can – it will give you more freedom and technical skills.

Saturday’s Tip

Need some inspiration? Read / study a book on your favorite musical subject or about your favorite player.

Sunday’s Tip

What you listen to will eventually come out your horn… Something to think about.

Garbage in, Garbage out


Did you find any of these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments below. See you next week!

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