Daily Practice Tips – Weekly Recap

Welcome to the Weekly Recap of my Daily Practice Tips. These tips are posted daily on my Lessons Facebook page and on Twitter with the hashtags #dailypracticetip and #musiclesson I hope you find something that is helpful or inspires you to try something new!

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Tips for the week of 2/24/14 – 3/2/14

Monday’s Tip

Working on a tune? Make sure you can sing it (the melody, bassline, guidetones) as well as play it.

Tuesday’s Tip

Be aware of your emotional responses to the music you listen to. Try writing them down, too.

Wednesday’s Tip

If You Practice Picture


Thursday’s Tip

Learn to spell the harmony without chord symbols (when composing) and learn to play the harmony without a rhythm section (when improvising).

Friday’s Tip

Found a lick you like? Memorize & work it out in multiple keys. Then alter it to make it your own. Memorize the new lick and work it out in multiple keys.

Saturday’s Tip

Find something you’re bad at & work on it. When you’ve got it, find something else you’re bad at & work on that. Repeat…

Sunday’s Tip

We practice because “Spontaneous music is not totally spontaneous creation. Extensive preparation is required.” – Mark Gridley


Did you find any of these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments below. See you next week!

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