No Wrong Notes – Literally

One of the fears that I hear students express often time is the fear of […]

Most Basic Blues Progression

Link – Bandleading 101

Bandleading 101 – great advice from the Airmen of Note director Joe Jackson

Book Review – Anything You Want

About 2 years ago, a friend of mine recommended that I read Derek Siver’s e-book […]

Miles Reading Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

C Major Bebop Scale – Twisted

One of my favorite time killers when I worked in the music library in college […]

C Major Bebop Scale

Worst Case Scenario

I recently went to jam session for the first time in over a year. In […]

Diminished Love

Subtitled: How I Finally Learned, Really Learned, My Diminished Scales. Diminished scales were always that […]

C minor tetrachord

Book Review – You, Inc.

  For the last 5 years or so summer has meant “summer reading”. Teachers (and […]

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Circles of 5ths, a clock, and a 12-sided Dice

First a little background: I have a little bit of of a RPG background (Role […]

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Tetrachords – the little pieces to a rather large puzzle   A couple of years […]

Major Tetrachord

iPad apps for the professional musician

I’ve never really considered myself a techie but somehow in the last year or so […]

Vivid Imagination

All music is played by ear.   This statement is very profound to me. For […]

Link – administrator-reality-five-months-on

Interesting blog on Teachers and Professional Development. Read the comments too!

One Third

Last weekend I went to NYC to attend the 2010 Surdna Arts Teacher Fellowship convening […]

The Future of Jazz Education

One of the most amazing parts of attending the Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshop was getting […]


Jamey’s CD Recommendations

“All the answers are out there. They’re on the records.”  – Jamey Aebersold During day […]