How I met Alan Baylock

I first met Alan Baylock through his music. I was playing in the top big […]

How Not to Act Like a Garage Band on Your Next Jazz Gig

Earlier this week, while one vacation, I found myself in a local coffee shop (no […]

FLF #20 – Special: The People of JEN

This is a very special Five Link Friday – one near and dear to my […]

I Got Rhythm – 8 Rhythms for Improvisation

Tomorrow I am doing a special clinic at a string camp. (if you didn’t gather […]

Jazz Rhythms - Strings

Finding That Thing You Can’t Do

When I was teaching, I would find the thing that the majority of my students […]

5 Note Pattern Adv

Why You Should Take Summer Music Lessons

There’s just a few more weeks of school left and now’s the time we all […]


FLF #13

  Welcome to Five Link Friday. Every Friday I share 5 of my favorite links […]

Break’s Over – Getting Back Into Shape

I recently had to take eight days off from playing. Not a single note on […]


Doublers Collective Stickers!

Little background: I started Doublers Collective with the help of Mike Crotty in 2010. The […]

Highland Jazz Festival

Last weekend I did a Doubling Clinic with Mike Crotty at the Highland Jazz Festival. […]


Musicians Speak Out – Radio Interview

Last week I did an interview with Joe Carroccio over at We had a […]

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FLF #5

  Welcome to Five Link Friday! This is where I post 5 of my favorite […]

Stage for Don Rickles Show

JEN Highlights – Favorite Performances

Imagine walking thru the hallways of a hotel conference center and around every corner is […]

JEN12 Ed Neumeister Quartet Pic

Doublers Collective IndieGoGo Funding

Copyright © 2011 From Monica Shriver, aka saxymoni, the founder and director of Doublers […]

Doubling Questions

Inspired by this post from my fellow doubler Bret Pimentel What instruments do you play […]