FLF #4

  Welcome to Five Link Friday! This is where I post 5 of my favorite […]

Five Note Scale Pattern Warm-up

First, a little background… I remember learning how to play piano as a kid (and […]

Five Note Scale Pattern Example in C

Melodic devices for soloing

“I don’t know what to play” confesses the student when it’s their turn to solo… […]


Link – 10 things

10 things that hold you back – just replace music / relationship as needed. http://www.active.com/fitness/Articles/10_things_that_can_hold_you_back.htm?cmp=17-8-375

No Wrong Notes – Literally

One of the fears that I hear students express often time is the fear of […]

Most Basic Blues Progression

Link – Practice for 15 years

http://sivers.org/15-years – A great post about remembering that it takes time and energy (practice!) to […]

Tunes from 2010 Aebersold Camp

Recommended Jazz Stardards to Learn   One of my biggest weaknesses as a jazz player […]