Finding That Thing You Can’t Do

When I was teaching, I would find the thing that the majority of my students […]

5 Note Pattern Adv

FLF #15

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Why You Should Take Summer Music Lessons

There’s just a few more weeks of school left and now’s the time we all […]


Highland Jazz Festival

Last weekend I did a Doubling Clinic with Mike Crotty at the Highland Jazz Festival. […]


FLF #10

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FLF #6

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Five Note Scale Pattern Warm-up

First, a little background… I remember learning how to play piano as a kid (and […]

Five Note Scale Pattern Example in C

Doubling Questions

Inspired by this post from my fellow doubler Bret Pimentel What instruments do you play […]

Melodic devices for soloing

“I don’t know what to play” confesses the student when it’s their turn to solo… […]


Scales Every Serious Jazz Student Should Learn – Part 1

“To know a scale “inside out” means that you know a scale starting anywhere in […]

No Wrong Notes – Literally

One of the fears that I hear students express often time is the fear of […]

Most Basic Blues Progression

C Major Bebop Scale – Twisted

One of my favorite time killers when I worked in the music library in college […]

C Major Bebop Scale

Diminished Love

Subtitled: How I Finally Learned, Really Learned, My Diminished Scales. Diminished scales were always that […]

C minor tetrachord


Tetrachords – the little pieces to a rather large puzzle   A couple of years […]

Major Tetrachord

Link – administrator-reality-five-months-on

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