Five Note Scale Pattern Warm-up

First, a little background… I remember learning how to play piano as a kid (and […]

Five Note Scale Pattern Example in C

FLF #2

  Welcome to Five Link Friday #2. If you missed the first one, you can […]

FLF #1 – Five Link Friday

  Welcome to Five Link Friday – or FLF as I’ll call it. This is […]

Review of Notion for iPad

I bought my iPad in 2010. Since then so many different options have surfaced when […]


Doublers Collective IndieGoGo Funding

Copyright © 2011 From Monica Shriver, aka saxymoni, the founder and director of Doublers […]

Doubling Questions

Inspired by this post from my fellow doubler Bret Pimentel What instruments do you play […]

Melodic devices for soloing

“I don’t know what to play” confesses the student when it’s their turn to solo… […]


Scales Every Serious Jazz Student Should Learn – Part 1

“To know a scale “inside out” means that you know a scale starting anywhere in […]

Journaling vs Blogging

I love to read. I’ve always got at least 2 books going at the same […]


Link – 10 things

10 things that hold you back – just replace music / relationship as needed.

No Wrong Notes – Literally

One of the fears that I hear students express often time is the fear of […]

Most Basic Blues Progression

First Interview

Last week I did an interview for a podcast called Train Wreck in Progress. TWiP […]

TWiP Logo

Link – NEA Jazz Musician Survey

NEA Survey Finds Jazz Musicians Are Largely Male And Well Educated But Many Are Underpaid […]

Link – Bandleading 101

Bandleading 101 – great advice from the Airmen of Note director Joe Jackson

Link – Artists are amazing

Artists, as a species, are amazing people. And America, as a general rule, does not […]